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We're in this together

We're in this together
Today, the global
challenges we face
are everybody's

It’s time for all kinds of companies
and organisations to take action.

Our clients are

Public Institutions
Private Businesses
Nonprofits & foundations
Sustainable Investment Funds
Think Tanks

SDGS addressed


continents covered


clients worldwide


lives protected by the
World Mosquito Program

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professionals trained by
Missing Children Europe

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clothes shops run by
the Belgian Red Cross

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citizens in the Citizens'
Climate Assembly.

Our partners are active in every corner of the world

(and we’re right beside them)

The environmental and social consequences from climate change will reverberate across borders. MOJO Agency supports both local initiatives and international projects. We are responsible for improving their strategies and increasing their impact on the ground, no matter the geographical context.

Our clients tackle the big issues and strive for change

There are many challenges to be met if we are to make our planet fairer, more equitable, and more respectful. The United Nations' SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are an excellent benchmark for determining priorities in the current crisis.

In partnership with our clients, we deploy our expertise on several of the sustainable development objectives set by the United Nations in 2015.

We are proud to take on the major challenges addressed by our partners

Prevention of children going missing by protecting and empowering them.

Missing Children Europe

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Protecting life and health to ensure respect for humanity.

Red Cross Belgium

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Fostering investment to support ambitious solutions for the most pressing environmental issues.

Stellar Impact

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Advising investors, philanthropists, companies, and public institutions on how to contribute to a more cohesive, fair, and sustainable society.

Telos Impact

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Empowering creators to change the world.

We Are Impactors

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Protecting communities around the world from mosquito-borne diseases.


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