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Full disclosure, real transparency, straight-up honesty: we’re ready to talk about our non-profit business model.

MOJO works differently. Convinced that the best way to achieve positive social change is to put purpose before profit, we have established a not-for-profit business model, which is unique in the advertising industry.

We’re also proud to be independent, a choice that gives us the freedom to select the projects we work on, in line with our values and our commitment to ecological and social transition.

It also means that we can use every penny of the agency’s profits to benefit our employees, pro bono projects and initiatives aimed at accelerating the transition, rather than paying shareholders and maintaining an expensive board of directors.

Purpose over profit

over profit


At MOJO Agency, we believe that each positive impact project is part of the solution. We also believe that a new business model is possible, where profits are used to support the common good rather than to remunerate shareholders.

To walk the talk, we have set up a number of concrete initiatives.

MOJO for Good

MOJO for Good

A pro bono fund, MOJO for Good, to offer greater visibility and impact to social/environmental projects that lack financial or human resources. In 2022 we provided pro bono support to BXL Refugees, the citizen platform for helping refugees in Brussels and Belgium, by offering them €25,000 to produce a fundraising campaign.

MOJO Impact

MOJO Impact

A lab, MOJO Impact Lab, to imagine and create in-house projects that serve the common good and to inspire the community and organisations to transition to sustainable practices.

Solidarity Days

Solidarity Days

Every year, the whole MOJO Agency team lends a hand to local charities and associations for a day, in soup kitchens, drop-in centres or on the street: a meaningful way of giving back directly to the community.

Cases where we took initiatives



  • Campaign
  • Digital Marketing
  • Photography / Video

MOJO for good

Building new narratives: from crisis to conscious

Our sector influences the shaping of collective narratives and norms. Today more than ever, advertising, marketing and social media have the power to influence social cohesion. That’s why we don’t underestimate their role in the transition to a more sustainable and equitable future.

It’s also why we take each of our actions seriously and seek to use communication as a positive force. We are committed to creating new narratives, making tomorrow’s world desirable and inspiring as many people as possible.

How do we
do things differently?

We only work with committed customers, or organisations that are committed to a more responsible approach.

We make conscious choices about which clients we want to work with and which projects we want to contribute to. We aim to create narratives to defend human rights, build a sustainable society, and shed light on socially-driven business. Not to contribute to fossil fuels or polluting services. That’s why our independence is so crucial and valued.

We support organisations that tackle the SDGs defined by the United Nations.

Projects we refuse to support:

  • Fossil fuels
  • Mining
  • Gambling
  • Plastics
  • Fast fashion
  • Tobacco and alcohol
  • Weapons manufacturing

Yes to responsible partners.

We work with selected partners and suppliers that treat the environment and the people fairly, respectfully and responsibly.

Yes, communication pollutes.

At MOJO Agency we are constantly striving to alleviate our carbon footprint. We have implemented carbon offsetting over 20 years via plantations in order to champion a “Net Zero” website and our website is hosted on the “Infomaniak” Green Server.

At MOJO Agency we don’t use company cars.

Instead, we support clean and sustainable mobility. When travelling for business, we opt for clean and comfortable transport solutions for all team members: no planes!

Second-hand equipment

Our equipment is purchased second-hand to support the circular economy.

Health plans for employees

We provide health plans to enhance employee well-being (Alan)

Personal development plan

All of our team have dedicated personal development time to guarantee a good work-life balance.

No gender pay gap

We guarantee there is no gender pay gap at MOJO Agency.