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Come Out 4 Europe Campaign

Let's come out for Europe


Defending the LGBTI rights in Europe in the context of the 2024 EU elections

MOJO Agency join forces with ILGA Europe’s to create a creative campaign for the EU elections 2024.

Every four years since 2014, ILGA-Europe campaigned during the elections to the European Parliament. Highlighting a pledge in which every EU candidate can sign up to and share. The campaign, entitled ‘Come Out 4 Europe’ aim to allow LGBTI people and their allies to share information on which candidates signed up to the pledge. With providing a leader-board showing which countries have the most signed pledges.


Inclusive, bright & powerful branding to encourage action for the LGBTI community

The objective of this campaign is getting voters the necessary knowledge on the EU elections stakes. Gather a picture of candidates they can count as an ally to defend their rights at the Parliament. The campaign must resonate on social media to encourage pledge’s signatory and get people to vote on June 6th and 9th.

Through this campaign, we want to refer to the mouvement’s genesis that took place in the streets to be expressed today in the ballot box. For LGBTI colours prevail for a fairer, more egalitarian society. By a creative and bold campaign, we want to call on the community and its allies to go to the polling station in an informed and enlightened way. With the aim of choosing the most suitable candidates to represent them and defend their rights

« A world in which each and every LGBTI person is free, equal & safe »

Europe is known to have the most progressive laws in place to defend the LGBTI rights. In 2020, the European Commission adopted its first-ever LGBTI equality strategy for 2020-2025. The strategy sets out a series of measures to step up EU’s non-discrimination action. Mainstream LGBTI equality into all EU policies, legislation and funding programmes and to amplify the voices of LGBTI people.

However, some countries have been facing considerable setbacks as political parties and political representatives spread hate speech, protest progressive legislation, and introduce discriminatory laws. Moreover, turnout at the European elections is notoriously low, at around 50% in 2019 with wide disparities between countries. Therefore, It is important to encourage people to vote for a democratically healthy society. While giving voters the resources to vote with full knowledge of facts.


Sign and share the Come Out 4 Eu pledge

Overall, the whole campaign solutions include: a new “ComeOut4Europe” logo static and animated. A call-to-action video written, directed and edited by us to deliver the message more clearly.

But also a microsite with interactive elements including: é form for election candidates to sign the pledge. Methods of sharing their pledge across a range of social media and communications platforms. An interactive leaderboard/map that can be updated when a candidate signs the pledge. A list of candidates who signed the pledge. Finally, general EU election Knowledge.

In the meantime, a whole range of design production including: printable A4 designed pledge and poster design. Canva templates of the pledge to be disseminated among member organisations in member states for translation into their languages. In addition with Canva templates for social media messaging to be shared among member organisations in member states for translation into their languages. As well as TikTok templates to encourage the younger demographic to come out and vote.

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