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iES!, the incubator for the social economy in Wallonia


The social economy, another way of doing business

Initiated as part of Wallonia’s recovery plan, the iES! incubator is the one-stop gateway to the social economy in Wallonia, with tailor-made support programmes, a coworking space, a network and training services tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs.

MOJO Agency worked hand in hand with iES! to design and develop its new website, write all the content, create a series of illustrations and conduct a photo shoot.


A website designed as the gateway to the social economy

The website has been designed as a toolbox to bring together all the key information relating to social entrepreneurship, to explain the incubator’s field of action and to raise awareness of the range of services offered by social economy support and funding operators in Wallonia.

Following an in-depth UX analysis, we created an optimised sitemap and structured all the content.


A user-friendly approach to launching or expanding your project

With the aim of being inclusive, vibrant and inspiring, we have developed a colourful visual universe with the creation of over 50 static and animated icons, as well as a series of illustrations and animations.


“At iES! we believe in the social economy as a solution for building a fairer and more ethical society”

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