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CO2 Neutral, a label to support and encourage organisations that contribute to global carbon neutrality


A new version of the “CO2 Neutral” label for more impact

To  support organisations in reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, CO2logic, the Belgian leader in strategic advice on CO2 reduction and member of the South Pole Group, is launching a new version of its well-known “CO2 Neutral” label. This label is awarded to actors who have assessed the emissions related to their activities, implemented measures to significantly reduce them and contributed to the compensation of residual emissions. The objective is threefold: more ambition, more transparency and more impact.


Inviting organisations to take part in the movement

CO2logic entrusted us with the creation of a communication campaign around the launch of the new “CO2 Neutral” label, intending to inform their employees as well as their existing clients. And also with the objective of convincing as many organisations as possible to join the movement and to implement concrete actions to counteract the impact of their activities and actively contribute to the protection of the planet.


Raising awareness of climate issues through a multi-channel approach 

We started with a rebranding phase by giving a fresh look to the well-known CO2 Neutral label. The logo lifting was supported by the creation of a new colour palette, the elaboration of a full graphic system, a new graphic charter, and the declension of this new look on a set of visual print and digital supports. It included posters, visuals for social media, layout of internal documents, creation of a sign for the company’s offices, and many more. 

The objective of MOJO’s work was to rejuvenate the previous logo to make it more readable, sober and impactful. Because of the popularity of the CO2 Neutral logo in Belgium and Luxembourg, we ensured to keep some of the key elements to make it recognisable.

Besides the rebranding, we set up a multichannel communication campaign to inform CO2’s target audiences about the development of the label and to make them aware of the importance of contributing to global carbon neutrality at their level. A strategy was developed and deployed in order to guarantee the overall consistency of the campaign across all print and digital media. 

We also supported CO2logic in the creation of storytelling and in the production of engaging content to present the new label to their various audiences, such as writing the content for their website dedicated to the label.

The WordPress website dedicated to the label has also been redesigned to provide an optimised user experience, to make the process to get certified easier to understand and to raise awareness about the climate urgency through clear, effective and engaging content. The website was also made responsive, adapting to all types of media: PC, tablet, mobile.

Our audiovisual production team created an animation / motion design video to explain the new label with more details in an accessible and dynamic way. This video was developed in different stages: writing the script, making the storyboard, conception of the graphic design and finally creating the motion design animation. 

Finally, we briefed our press relations specialists. The goal ? To reach a wider audience and raise awareness. To this end, our experts organised a press event on 20 September 2022. In order to provide relevant media coverage, they took care of the drafting and sending of press invitations to the appropriate journalists.  On the day of the event, a press release adapted to CO2logic’s graphic charter was sent to the French and Dutch-speaking press. Following the event, our experts carried out a press review to analyse the media fallout and assess the extent of media coverage. 

« We worked with the MOJO agency on a complex project, combining design/branding, content creation, website updating and a multi-channel communications campaign, and involving a whole range of stakeholders. Throughout the project, collaboration was smooth and pleasant, with the MOJO team demonstrating unfailing adaptability and professionalism. We look forward to working together in the future! »


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