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25.000€ offered to BXL Refugees!

The winner of the 2022 edition is BXL Refugees, the Citizen Platform for Refugee Support in Brussels and Belgium. The platform provides reception and assistance to migrants, asylum seekers and undocumented migrants and helps them integrate into their new environment. Thanks to the MOJO Social Fund, the €25,000 support offered to this positive impact project will be used to produce a creative campaign that will be launched soon. Stay tuned on our website and social media channels to discover our work! 

What is MOJO Social?

At MOJO, we believe that each positive impact project is part of the solution. In order for every initiative to get the attention it deserves, MOJO is committed to donating 3% of profits to its pro bono fund, “MOJO Social”. 

The goal? Offer greater visibility and impact to socially-minded projects that do not have the means to do it themselves. 

What? Our communications experts provide you with tailored support to define a coherent communication strategy aligned with your objectives, improve the visibility of your project, develop your brand image or gain the support of your audiences.


Who can benefit from the MOJO Social program? 

> Organizations based in Belgium with limited financial resources or communication skills

> Organizations that place social and/or environmental impact at the heart of their business model.

> Organizations with an existing structure in the midst of developing, consolidating, or changing scale.* 

*We are not talking about the statutory creation of your structure but rather your operations. MOJO is well-positioned to assist in development, consolidation, and shifts in scale. Other actors are better suited to assist you in designing or creating your structure. 

How? Every year, MOJO agency launches a call for proposals for socially-engaged organizations. Follow us on social media for more information!

Interested? Write to us