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Accelerating the shift

« There is no business to be done on a dead planet »

David Brower

Since 2017, MOJO has engaged, with conviction, to shine a light on initiatives that contribute to developing a more sustainable world, built on responsibility, solidarity, and respect for nature and all living things.

We believe that organizations – NGOs, foundations, companies, think tanks, international organizations, or start-ups – have a frontline role in building this collective future, and we are here to tell their story, amplify their messages, and inspire engagement. 

It’s a big challenge. This manifesto is here to share with you the values that inspire us. 

Because this shift is a collective adventure, MOJO defends an inclusive, open, and cooperative work style that promotes dialogue and collaboration between all stakeholders.  

Affirming that to transform the world, we also have to make it known, we bring communication to life by telling exemplary stories and presenting tangible solutions, our best allies for spreading the word about your projects and accelerating impact. 

Since we are independent, we are not looking to maximize profit for shareholders, because we do not have any! Our hybrid economic model blends performance with ethics, and pragmatism with optimism, resulting in the sustainable amplification of projects and our partners. 

At MOJO Agency, we support horizontal and equitable work practices – regardless of the gender or nationality of the people we work with.

Finally, because we are convinced that each positive impact project is part of the solution, MOJO places a portion of its revenue in, “MOJO Social”, a social fund that aims to offer greater visibility to socially-minded projects that lack the means to effectively promote itself. To learn more about our commitments, send us a message!