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For a world where everyone can enjoy their human rights, regardless of their immigration status

Millions of migrants live in the European Union “irregularly”, in other words in a vulnerable situation that exposes them to high risks of human rights violations. These migrants try to earn a living by filling vacancies on the labour market, often in dangerous, dirty or degrading jobs, sometimes in exploitative conditions. Fearing identification, arrest or deportation, illegal migrants often face considerable obstacles in accessing their basic rights, such as healthcare, education for their children and decent housing.

Grounded in principles and values of social justice, anti-racism and equality, PICUM is committed to ensuring that undocumented migrants have a dignified standard of living and rights. 

Their members, rooted across 164 organisations in 31 countries, uphold the human rights of undocumented migrants by providing a variety of activities from information and advice, mediation, legal aid, research, policy analysis, and advocacy.


A new visual identity

A new visual identity and a complete graphic system were first developed to give PICUM a strong image in line with its values.

A vibrant colour palette and intersecting rounded lines convey the idea of movement, network, connection, diversity and dynamism to celebrate the fact that our planet and our territories are and always will be in motion. 


A brand new website

We built a brand new website that is easy to navigate, shows the expanding breadth of PICUM‘s work, and reflects ongoing conversations around undocumented people and “irregular migration”.

We wanted to give pride of place to the human dimension of the project, using videos, portraits and illustrations of migrants.


Colour effects and glitter add fun and pride, while providing content of the utmost importance.